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Canada gets it's own 'museum'

See, here I am thinking that Canada is a bastion of liberal secular values, and then I read this:

Taking on the Tyrrell

That's right, Canada has it's own "creation science" museum. The Tyrrell, apparently is a real museum they are comparing themselves with. Here is the real museums' website.

"We're not trying to push an agenda," he said Wednesday. "We just think that people should see both sides of everything."

Both sides. That's not useful, as there aren't two sides, there's the facts and then there's this fantasy. Why must scientists keep repeating this?

One video shows a bacterium and describes how it travels by rapidly moving its tail -- suggesting that even the most primitive creatures must have been intelligently designed. Children can push a button and activate a giant bacterium.

Looks like Behe was here.

Making the same point is a teddy bear treated with mineralized water to make it appear fossilized.

Oooo, can we do radiometric dating on the teddy bear? Someone should do this to refute these idiots.

Andy Neuman, acting director of the Tyrrell, said the Big Valley project won't have any effect on the way the Tyrrell presents its information.

That's too bad... I'd love to see anti-creationist displays in the real museum. But perhaps that's just giving them what they want. On the other hand, scientists mostly ignore bad science until it tries to creep into the school system. Perhaps scientists should be more aggressive on debunking this stuff?

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