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New Skeptologists Trailer

There's a new Skeptologists trailer, this one gives you more of a feel for the show.

I really hope this gets picked up in some way.

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Sexpelled: No Intercourse Allowed (Parody)

This thing has been making it's way around the web.

Even icanhascheezburger.com got in on the action in a way.

humorous pictures
see more crazy cat pics

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Expelled Exposed

Linking to this because PZ Myers said it would help move this site up in the ranking of search engines. If you think Expelled should be exposed, I urge you to do the same.


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Some of that old time religion

I found this to be completely hilarious. From Merlin Mann's blog.

That Mitchell and Webb Look - “Bad Vicar”

Love this character. See also, “Bad Waiter.”

[From That Mitchell and Webb Look - “Bad Vicar”Love this...]


First Freedom First Simulcast now online

The First Freedom First simulcast, hosted by Americans United for Separation of Church and State and the Interfaith Alliance, is now available online. I was lucky enough to see this in person in Little Rock, and we had a decent turnout, about 40 people. Now you can share this with other people and get the word out that we as Americans, regardless of our religion, or lack of religion are protected by the first amendment, and that this right is under attack by a certain segment of the religious population in this country.  The program was interesting, the token atheist representative was author Susan Jacoby, also Kevin Bacon and his band "The Bacon Brothers" did a couple of really good songs.

Take a look at the video and be sure to share it with others.



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