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Little Rock's Science Cafe to present woo as 'science'

Tomorrow night at Little Rock's Science Cafe discussion group, the topic will be "Alternative Medicine: Eat, Sleep and Stick". Science Cafes are supposed to be an opportunity for the public to meet with scientists from different fields and ask them questions, and promote discussion.

However, it looks as though the Little Rock chapter is being invaded by the pseudo-scientific world of "Complementary and Alternative Medicine". The three 'scientists' who will be speaking Tuesday night are Wesley Pilcher, a team leader from Whole Foods Market, D.J. Lynch a hypnotist from Arkansas Hypnosis, and Martin Eisley from Evergreen Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Mr. Eisley will also be speaking on the local public radio station (KUAR 89.1FM) at 6:05pm tomorrow night about the Science Cafe.

Hopefully they will be taking callers, I'm going to attempt to call in to ask questions concerning their use of the term 'science' to describe what it is they do. I'll try to record the episode and post it somewhere if possible (if KUAR doesn't post it on their own).

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